Client Feedback


I knew I needed hearing aids but I’d heard many negative stories of people’s experiences and as a result I put off seriously looking at the issue. I didn’t want the feeling of being cut off, I suspected that they would be uncomfortable and a nuisance to use and that they would irritate me being constantly conscious of them. I tried researching different brands on the internet but didn’t come to any very helpful conclusions. I also made appointments with three different audiologists to get a comparison seeing as I was likely to be dealing with this person for some time to come. If you can identify with these misgivings then let me tell you that not one of these things has been an issue.

I cannot recommend Philippa highly enough. She is very clear, thorough and informative in her explanations and recommendations – and very patient and friendly. I hadn’t realized I would be able to try out the aids and that was reassuring. I was guardedly impressed when the aids first went in but by the end of the first week I’d well and truly decided they were fantastic. To give just one example: I went to a noisy function in a hall with a wooden floor, chairs moving, people talking and laughing loudly and a very loud music group playing right next to me. I could hear people talking and have a conversation with no problem. I would previously have just given up on trying to communicate.

I do not even notice that I am wearing the aids. What I do notice is that I’m not constantly saying, “I beg your pardon”, “I’m sorry I didn’t hear you” or being embarrassed by saying the wrong thing or having to pretend I heard. The staff at West Coast Audiology are very helpful and friendly, too! If you would like any more information please feel free to ask Philippa for my email address.


I first met Philippa when I took my very reluctant father for a hearing test. Dad could not understand why we were going as he felt he heard everything but his family felt differently.

Philippa took a lot of time clearly describing what she was doing during the testing process then patiently explained the results and told Dad of the options available to him. She was not committed to supporting one company so was able to show Dad several different aids that would suit him. She explained the pros & cons of each one and let Dad make his choice. When learning how to put the aids in there was no feeling of having to hurry – Philippa was prepared to take as long as needed.

I appreciated her professional manner and her willingness to go over any information that we had not grasped the first time. She was willing to see Dad whenever he had further queries.

The financial side was explained clearly and we were made aware of refunds and tax deductions.

All in all, considering Dad started as a somewhat reluctant client, the results have been very positive. He has adjusted well to wearing the aids and the TV volume has been reduced about 15 levels!

I have no hesitation in recommending Philippa and her staff.


I recently have had hearing aids fitted at West Coast Audiology in both ears and have found them very useful in many areas especially on phone, in noisy areas, when many people are talking at once. Have found service here most helpful.


I was most impressed and satisfied with the service given to me during, and after, my Audition [hearing aid fitting appointment]. It is wonderful as an amateur Ornithologist to once more hear the birds singing.


When I was 70 years old some eighteen years ago, I realised I had slight hearing loss because I didn’t hear if anyone spoke to me when they spoke to me from behind. I arranged to have a hearing test and over the years have had further tests as my hearing gradually deteriorated.

When I heard that you came to the Village where I live, I decided to come along to see you as it would be very convenient for me. I was very impressed with the equipment and the test you gave me – it was by far the best I have ever had. You then provided me with only one hearing aid – I had previously been wearing two – which has proved more than satisfactory as I am not often in noise and live alone. I am not even aware that I have it on and it is much easier managing the one hearing aid instead of two as I am almost blind.

I told the officer at the Administration Desk how impressed I was with the test and she said “That’s what everyone says!


I am very pleased with my current Hearing Aids, I have had several Hearing Aids before these and Philippa has made a big difference and I would highly recommend her for her very professional services to both my husband and myself.


I have been dealing with Philippa for the last 2 years and I have found her to be a very efficient, caring person who goes to a lot of trouble to ensure satisfaction. The hearing aid she advised has been very successful and has made a great deal of difference and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone with hearing difficulties.


I was praying, in fact I asked every friend I knew to pray for my miracle, as a New Zealand Priest with an amazing healing ministry was coming to our Parish. I prayed with him for a week and that same week Philippa rang to inform me about a new, very strong Aid on the market. After wonderful attention from her I purchased one and the difference was remarkable. I could now socialise with friends and hear the sermon at Church.

At first I was very disappointed as I thought my prayers were not heard but suddenly I realised this was my miracle. Not quite what I had in mind but THANK YOU God and THANK YOU Philippa.


From my experience of getting a hearing aid I have found the staff at West Coast Audiology very helpful and efficient and would recommend anyone with hearing problems to go there.


Like most folk I did not think I need a hearing aid. I used to get called “Deafy” by my husband. I thought he was very rude. The rest of the family thought I might have a problem. TV… I did not notice as I just had it turned up. My doctor suggested you check it out.

Hey bingo – I did have a problem – best thing I ever did.


Philippa and her staff have always been gracious and helpful to the point that when I am ill she (Philippa) has delivered to my home. I really have a dear friend.

I have had great help with my hearing, now I no longer have to say repetitively “I beg your pardon”.

Life is Good.

Ronald & Patricia

We have found West Coast Audiology and Philippa very thoughtful, caring and patient in her explanation of using hearing aids and choosing the most suitable personal aids. The service of the staff is efficient and competent.


I have purchased hearing aids from Philippa Long and have found her extremely helpful and professional on her advice of purchasing the correct product that I required. On subsequent visits I have found the staff very efficient and courteous. Therefore I can recommend the West Coast Audiology hearing centre for any of your hearing requirements.


I have nothing but satisfaction for the West Coast Audiology principal and staff!


I found it a life saver when I changed over to West Coast Audiology some twelve months ago. Philippa sorted out problems which I was having with hearing aids fitted some twelve months earlier and has been most attentive to my hearing problems, as have her support staff. I have no hesitation in adding my recommendation.


At last I have been ‘Pardoned’ from having to say ‘Pardon?’ umpteen times a day! And my ‘Pardon’ was granted most Proficiently, Professionally and Charmingly by West Coast Audiology. I was once the victim of Hearing Loss and if you too are irritating family and friends by ‘What was that you said?’, ‘I’m sorry I didn’t hear that’ or ’30 Dollars – I thought you said dirty collars!” contact Philippa Long at West Coast Audiology today! – You might at last hear someone say something nice about you!


I visited Philippa Long at West Coast Audiology unreferred by any person, because I wanted the opportunity to explore the pros and cons of various brands and models of hearing aids other than the ‘one brand – take it or leave it’ attitude of my previous hearing aid supplier.

I can honestly say that the unbiased professionalism displayed by Philippa Long was exactly what I was looking for and I am very happy with my mid-price range choice of hearing aid.


It is now approx 2 years since I acquired my first hearing aid.  Prior to this I had been experiencing some difficulty in following conversation particularly in a group situation, socially a problem!  And professionally even more so as my job entails teaching language impaired children.

Philippa at West Coast Audiology identified my particular problem and was able to provide a hearing aid specific to my needs – including provision for the aid’s integration within the various electronic hearing equipment used in the classroom.

Needless to say the hearing aid provided helped immensely.  As West Coast Audiology is a small independent business, I found that the service provided by Philippa and her team was both personalised and efficient.  This has assured regular monitoring and feedback on my hearing problem.  Any follow-up service on my hearing aid has been prompt and effectively carried out.

No trouble is too much for the team at West Coast Audiology.


Like most people I needed a few prods to get ‘Hearing Aids’.  Now they are a part of me.  Put in when I get up, taken out when going to bed.

The change is dramatic – all the everyday noises you hear – ‘keys in your pocket’, your footsteps, birds chirping etc.  The only trouble I have – remembering to take them out for showering and swimming.


Improved hearing has opened up the world. One hears approaching traffic, children’s speech and improves telephone conversations. This has happened from a new digital aid from West Coast Audiology. Great service.


Philippa fitted hearing aids approximately 3 years ago.  I wear my hearing aids everyday, all day.  I find they help me hear a lot better, particularly soft female voices and conversation in general.

Philippa is a very careful and efficient Audiologist and is a very nice person.  The whole team at West Coast Audiology are very friendly.


I have no hesitation in recommending a visit to WCA if you are experiencing hearing problems.  Philippa and her staff are very competent and helpful

Since having Hearing Aids prescribed by Philippa my quality of life has improved 100%.


I was sceptical when West Coast was recommended by a friend. All staff have treated me professionally and warmly.

Since having my hearing aid fitted I am less apprehensive in social situations.  I know that in the future an aid might improve my hearing even more so – roll on that time!


I have been most impressed with Philippa’s professionalism and caring attitude in her work. The staff are friendly and helpful at what can be a stressful time for the patient. My replacement aid (free on warranty) is working well. Thank you.


I have needed to use hearing aids for the last 30 or so years, and I feel very fortunate that I found Philippa and West Coast Audiology almost 4 years ago.

Philippa is an excellent Audiologist.  She combines her expertise, medical knowledge, perseverance and dedication thus providing a reliable and efficient service.

I have no hesitation in recommending Philippa and the staff at W.C.A. to anyone seeking help, either for the first time or with their existing aids.


My family complained about my so called deafness. I responded in the usual manner and told them that none of them speak clearly and mutter and mumble. In short there’s nothing wrong with my hearing! Fast forward to a check and the result is moderate to severe hearing loss. Fast forward again to tiny invisible hearing aids and all is well.


The lovely B & I were about a year in to our relationship and…

* I was really upset when B said, with some annoyance, “B, I think you have a hearing problem”.  But when I gave it some thought and I started to tick off the times she had to repeat things to me, well!!!

* That started me thinking about our daily clinical meetings at work and the fact that although the flow of conversation was generally understood, sometimes the resolution of an issue would not be clear and I would have to ask a colleague later for clarification.

* What a difference to my life, taking B’s suggestion to go to see you, Philippa, has made.

* Our communication is just so much better and at work I don’t have to shy away in asking questions about an issue discussed, not face to face, but around the table.  Thank you!”


Having used a hearing aid for some years with little success I decided to go to three separate audiologists to get different points of views on hearing aids. One of these was West Coast Audiology.

Philippa suggested after a hearing test that the best hearing aid would be a Siemens Pure because it would fulfil all the requirements I was looking for – this being discreet, superior sound quality and room for adjustment as my hearing may deteriorate over the years.

It still took me some months to decide. In this time I checked brochures, internet and asked questions until I was confident this hearing aid was the right one.

In this time, not once was I pressured into purchasing an aid by Philippa or her team at West Coast Audiology. Time has proved the two Siemens Pure Hearing aids were the right choice.

The aids have fitted very well into my work as a farmer and life style. I put them on first thing in the morning and take them off last thing at night (except for showing or swimming). They have become so natural to use sometimes I have to check they are still there.

Philippa has set them up so well I do not have to change the settings. One setting seems to cover most situations. They cause no irritation, no discomfort, no ringing and above all (the most important thing to me) I have never noticed anyone looking or commenting on my hearing aids.

Only if I point them out do people say ‘if you hadn’t told us we would not have noticed’. For this reason and being able to hear properly I can wear them with confidence.

The other benefits are: No more A’s, no more disturbing looks from my children, no more ipod or plain not hearing when working or walking for exercise – the natural sounds and the birds singing are much more pleasant.


  • I find now that I can hear clearly when speakers are speaking at a distance e.g. in a Hall or in a Church – (that was when I first became aware of my hearing loss).
  • It is also easier to follow conversation in group situations and I don’t necessarily have to be facing people when speaking to them.
  • I can listen to the news on T.V. without having the sound too loud for people with average or good hearing.
  • My hearing aids are fairly inconspicuous as my hair almost covers them. I am now used to my hearing aids after some months of use and find no difficulty in wearing them every day.


My personal experience with hearing aids – for a starter, much easier to get used to than false teeth. As I had heard and now firmly believe one is better to get hearing aids before the problem really gets serious. Like other such things they are foreign to our bodies and it does take time to assimilate. My first concern was how often I was saying beg your pardon then it was missing bits at the theatre and films. Testing is painless and very interesting. Philippa is so reassuring, helpful and kind.


I have had a hearing test, hearing aids and follow up. Happily, I have never come away from West Coast Audiology unhappy about any aspect of the service. Congratulations everyone for the excellent customer service which I find to be always professional as well as cheerful – stands out because customer service is so seldom experienced these days!!


My hearing has been deteriorating over the years but it took me a while to make up my mind and get hearing aids. Now I must say it was the best decision ever. I had missed the high frequencies which make speech clearer and music more transparent. After a short time, I got used to the new sounds and I’m more than happy. It’s still a bit difficult in a crowded room but the rest is fantastic. Thanks to highly professional Philippa and her team.


My hearing aids have kept me in the main stream of life. Can’t always hear the whispered asides but everything else is OK.

I cannot manage without them neither can my family or my friends.


I was having considerable trouble fitting my hearing aids correctly into my ears. My Audiologist Philippa suggested adding a small unobstructive post to each aid to provide me with a better grip. Hey! Presto! Problem solved!


Having severe hearing loss due to an inherited condition my hearing aids now allow me to hear quite well and I can recommend the professional service I have experienced with West Coast Audiology. I only wish people with normal hearing were more understanding of the needs of the hearing impaired.