Charter Values

Quality (read more)

We provide:

  • the highest quality hearing health care and hearing assessments with the latest knowledge and equipment
  • close links to your GP/ ENT doctor with recommendations if further medical treatment is possible prior to a hearing aid(s) being considered,
  • the latest hearing aid/ device technology ordered specifically and customized to suit a person’s needs using the widest range of manufacturers available

Integrity (read more)

We provide:

  • Clients with hearing aids and devices that are matched to their individual needs, sound environments and budgets,
  • Transparent pricing without commissions, sales targets or productivity bonuses being paid to our staff or audiologists,
  • Comprehensive after sales service by friendly office staff and Audiologists in a fully staffed environment with easy access

Independence (read more)

We provide:

  • Close but independent engagement with all hearing aid manufacturers to supply quality clinical support without sales influence
  • a clinic whose infrastructure has not been financially assisted in any way by hearing aid manufacturers or the sale of preferred hearing brands

West Coast Audiology is not aligned with any one hearing device manufacturer.  When it comes to assistive hearing technologies or hearing aid products, this makes us different from many hearing clinics that are owned by the manufacturers or other large companies.  Many such companies offer sales incentives to their practitioners to sell their own brand or a brand that they have a direct alliance with.