Custom Ear Plugs

Ear plugs and ear moulds come in a variety of colours and types. They offer maximum protection and a comfortable fit that are custom designed for your ears. The type of ear plug or ear mould will be recommended by your audiologist based on your specific need. A 30 minute appointment is required.

Solid Hearsaver Plugs

Solid Hearsavers work to protect your hearing against loud outside noise.

Suitable for industrial workers, builders, construction workers, military/aircraft operators and loud concert goers and anyone who is exposed to continuous loud noise.

Our Solid Hearsavers are designed to eliminate outside noises, by reducing sound by up to 40 decibels.

Musician Hearsavers

Musicians Hearsavers are designed to reduce the overall sound dosage without compromising the music quality.

Specialised acoustic filters can reduce sound by up to 10dB, 15dB or 25dB without distorting the integrity of the sound.

There are 3 acoustic filters to choose from, each with the ability to filter conversational sound and other non-damaging noise.

Water Protectors

Water Protectors are ear moulds specifically designed to protect the ear from water during activities such as swimming and surfing.

They assist with the prevention of ear disease and infection, and reduce common irritations that are associated with water sports.

These are ideal for swimmers and surfers.

Communication and Personal Listening Ear Pieces

Communication Earpieces work to deliver a comfortable, personal ear mould for use with your communication equipment.

“While-you-wait” custom swim plugs

Inexpensive and made in-house. These are custom made to the shape of your ear canal and are the best choice for keeping the water out of your ears if you have grommets, ears prone to outer ear infections or simply sensitive ears.

These can last years.