Privacy Policy

West Coast Audiology aims to provide a high quality of care and in order to perform this we require some personal details. These details will be collected and recorded by West Coast Audiology reception staff and audiologist(s).

The Privacy Act 1988 requires Health Providers to obtain consent from clients to collect, use and disclose personal information. Basic information (such as your name, address, phone numbers, date of birth, Medicare number, DVA number and OHS client number) is used to identify your record and may be used for Medicare and accounting purposes; reports to medical practitioners and specialists, allied health practitioners, school teachers; private medical insurance companies and communications with The Office of Hearing Services (OHS).

Audiometric results form part of the report sent to medical practitioners and specialists, and allied health practitioners. The remainder of your medical record is strictly confidential. Other than meeting medico legal requirements, information will not be released to anyone else without your written approval.